Career advice – Things to consider while career hopping

Nov 09, 11 Career advice – Things to consider while career hopping

Career hopping’ these days is a part of natural growth for everyone. Earlier people were apprehensive about it, but today with the advancement in the job market, it’s looked upon as a strategic career move. These days’ people think about changing careers for career development and to achieve job satisfaction.

Recent studies have proved that people change careers, several times during the course of their entire working life. Yet, it remains a very controversial matter. It is not without its side effects. It’s a critical issue that should be handled with care. A hasty step can go against your career development goals.
Here are some simple yet important things to consider, if career hopping is on your mind:

Recognize your interest:


Analyze what you dislike about your present job. This often helps, as you can avoid the same things in your next move. If you wish, attend a personality development class to help you give a fresh and positive outlook. Personality development training will also help you in knowing your likes. This will help you in deciding your career moves and changes strategically.

Reading personality development books can help in a great way to re-assess your needs and preferences. This further assists you in taking the right step forward.

Research new career options available in the market:

Once you have recognized your likes and know what you want to do, spend some time researching the current job availabilities.  Choose the job that comes close to the area of your choice.

Match your skills:


A new job may require a set of different skills and talents, than your earlier job. Skills that you are good at could be re-applied in a positive way, to transform them into assets for your new job. You will be surprised to find that you have a treasure-house of varied experience.

Training to up-grade yourself:


You may require upgrading your current skill levels to match your present job requirements. Join some courses to enhance your ‘getting hired’ capability. You can also join some personality development course or program.

Seeking career advice from friends:


Use your networking skills.  Friends in your network can often give valuable assistance and advice on job opportunities. Ask them for information about a company or industry. Take their help to get introduced to people.
While career hopping, you must be ready to face the winds of change. Always carry a positive state of mind. Though it is not necessary for a career change to be always vertical, it can be a stepping stone to achieving the ultimate career goal of your life.

Career Advice

Career Advice

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