Career advice – Tips to manage your career

Nov 09, 11 Career advice – Tips to manage your career

Career development is a continuous process. One of the most important factors that affect it is career management. If you want to succeed in today’s demanding and ever-changing world, then you must always keep your self abreast with the changing needs of the work place. You must take charge of managing your own career.

Always adopt a planned and proactive approach. This will maximize your chances of landing the job that best fits your skills and personality. This will also increase the likelihood of achieving your long-term career goals. Here are some of the important career developments tips that will help you manage your career.

ü  Think about yourself as a company that has a product to sell to the market.  Analyze your target market and work out a perfect marketing campaign.

ü  Identify your skills, qualifications and accomplishments. Highlight them in your resume.

ü  Find out what additional skills you need, to make yourself more marketable. Attend some personality development training programs if required.

ü  Do not miss any opportunity for continuous learning and personality development. This will give you a competitive advantage in your field.

ü  Identify and prioritize your short-term and long-term career goals.

ü  Evaluate your own self at regular intervals and find out what is required to achieve your career goals.

ü  Make it a habit to study recruitment websites and appointments sections of newspapers to be informed about the current requirements of employers.

ü  You must always fine-tune and update your resume. This will enable you to make a quick and targeted response to any appropriate job opportunity that arises.

ü  Keep yourself informed about the new job search strategies, job-specific resumes and expert interview techniques.

ü  Be focused about your career development plans.

Personality development tips:

Career development plans and goals cannot be achieved unless you have the right attitude and personality. You must go for personality development training courses, or read personality development books frequently, to change your outlook and behavior. Here are some personality development tips.

ü  Always keep a positive attitude in the work place. No body likes people with a bad attitude.

ü  Enlist your weaknesses and try to get rid of them.

ü  Develop the ability to adjust with co-workers and changing situations.

ü  Adapt fast to new circumstances at work place.

ü  Be honest to yourself and work upon developing what you lack.

ü  Let others get a chance to speak. Sincerely listen to other’s grievances.

ü  Solve your problems in a creative manner without spoiling your relation with your co-workers.

Career Advice

Career Advice

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