Challenge Your Child At A Private School In Bethesda

Aug 08, 13 Challenge Your Child At A Private School In Bethesda

There are schools designed for gifted children. If your child tests gifted, you may want to consider a school with a more challenging environment and curriculum. A Private School in Bethesda offers preschool through 2nd grade, and will add 3rd grade in 2014. The school’s philosophy is to educate the whole child.

Applicants are accepted based on certain criteria:

advanced achievement in academic skills
*     higher level thinking skills

*    creativity

*    individual talents and interests

*    appropriate maturity

*    indications of high intellectual ability (certain tests are required for pre-kindergarten through second grade applicants.)

If you’re interested in a Private School in Bethesda, Pre School applicants should be 3 years old by September 1 of the year they want to enroll. If a child turns 3 after September 1, they may be considered for rolling admission during the school year. Experts think children demonstrate certain behaviors when they’re gifted, including:
*    a strong motivation to initiate learning

*    strong verbal skills for their age

*    early interest in reading

*    likes to take things apart and put them back together

*    a long attention span when they’re interested

The school uses a curriculum from the College of William and Mary’s Center For Gifted Education. Concepts are also taken from the Great Exploration in Math and Science Program (GEMS) developed at the University of California-Berkeley.

The primary school curriculum is a blend of science, math, language arts, foreign language and visual and performing arts. Students participate in Writer’s Workshop, a program where children listen to each other’s ideas, and offer advice on how to improve. Primary math is focused on teaching children math concepts, vocabulary and problem solving strategies. Early childhood and primary school curriculum use science to teach problem solving, and students work together to test new ideas and theories.

All students learn Spanish starting the first day of school. Spanish is taught through various activities like arts and crafts, songs, culture, stories and cooking. Gifted children are more likely to learn if they are challenged. If a child seems bored or disinterested in school, you should have them tested. They may be gifted and are not being challenged in their current environment. Placing them in a Gifted Program may present them with the challenge they need.


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