Recruitment Agency – How to Select Recruitment Agencies

Nov 09, 11 Recruitment Agency – How to Select Recruitment Agencies

Looking for the right recruitment agency is a very tough job for most employment seekers. In the present scenario, many employers make use of the services offered by recruitment agencies to find suitable employees. Recruitment agencies have contacts with several companies, and are an effective means to find a suitable job. There is no doubt that every recruitment agency has its own strategies and policies for the recruitment process, whether it is for a permanent or a temporary job.

Nowadays, most companies appoint their workers using these channels. Hence, the demand for recruitment agencies has grown to a great extent. Companies prefer recruitment agencies in order to avoid the costs associated with process of recruitment. A professional recruitment agency uses modern methodologies and offers solutions at a relatively lower cost. Before you select a recruitment agency, you must understand the profile of the company through comprehensive homework. You must take the following things into consideration:-

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Recruitment Agency


  • Infrastructure of the recruitment agency or company
  • The recruitment policies of the agency
  • Record maintaining capability
  • Employee and industrial relations
  • Relationship with government enterprises
  • Types of recruitments offered by the recruitment agency
  • Effective marketing policies
  • Time reliability

Other Useful Things to Consider

Many recruitment companies are mushrooming nowadays, and claim that they provide top facilities and services. Always select a recruitment agency that understands the needs and requirements from the company’s point of view. Few other things that you must consider before selecting a recruitment agency are:

  • The recruitment agency should be using advanced technology to send your CV to maximum number of employers in the minimum time.
  • The recruitment agency must have the capability to find the right job that matches your skills and requirements, so that you don’t have to waste time applying to inappropriate positions.
  • They must give you feedback regarding your CV, and help you to prepare for interviews. They must make arrangements for mock interviews and offer other necessary help.
  • If you are looking for a job in a particular field, try to find out the recruitment agencies that specialize in looking for jobs in that field.

Recruitment agencies generally don’t charge job seekers, but they may charge money for the extra services offered like helping with your resume or CV, interview training and the like.

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

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