Useful Resume Writing/ CV Writing tips to get your dream job

A good resume or CV forms the first step to getting a good job. Several people end up focussing on diverse aspects while writing a resume. You should firstly be clear about what to emphasize while drafting the CV. It is necessary that you attract the reader or HR manager who has to go through hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. Following are some useful resume writing/ CV writing tips which will eventually help you in getting your dream job.

Resume Writing/ CV Writing tips

Cover Letter

An efficient cover letter is necessary to provide a summary of your work or portfolio. Ensure that you introduce yourself and explain in brief why you are a perfect candidate for the mentioned portfolio. Avoid including irrelevant sentences in the cover letter as a cover letter should be ideally concise and to the point.


It is recommended that you exactly know the type of profile you are applying for. Similarly, you should know about the qualifications required for the mentioned job profile. Such an understanding is necessary to avoid any confusion later on.


Choose an attractive design and layout for your resume. You can also get some samples of resumes online. Ensure that you refer to samples that are relevant to the job you are applying for. The outline should be professional in nature and should suit the job. The outline of the resume should consist of qualifications and past work-experience. Do not forget to mention references if any.


Don’t forget to mention your career goals or objectives. Ensure that you apply for a job that will eventually help you in accomplishing the objectives or goals. This will decide if your resume gets passed to the next round.

Use Bullet Points

Use of bullet points will ensure that you avoid cluttering the resume with too much information. You can also highlight your previous job qualifications or additional skills with bullet points. In addition, avoid negative sentences and jargon.

Follow these tips to churn out an effective resume.

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