3 Career Paths for Those Who Graduate with a Master of Architecture Degree

Jul 02, 20 3 Career Paths for Those Who Graduate with a Master of Architecture Degree

A Master of Architecture degree program usually includes the study of a range of topics, such as architectural history, building physics, and sustainable building. These are 2-year programs that can improve your job prospects in many ways. After earning a master’s degree of this type, you will be able to pursue different careers in the field of architecture and in related fields. Below, you can learn more about the specific architecture career paths that will be open to you.


First, with a master’s degree in architecture, you can become a fully licensed, professional architect. In this role, you work with clients to design structures or buildings, create building design plans, and may even oversee the construction of the buildings you have dreamed up.

Urban and Regional Planner

An urban and regional planner is someone who plans and develops city projects, such as parks, business commerce areas, or city buildings. This career allows you to work to improve their community and build projects that enhance the way people work and live.

Landscape Architect

A landscape architect specializes in creating and building different types of outdoor spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, and gardens. They can also work on projects for college campuses or other public spaces. Landscape architects use high-tech technology to plan out greenery, walkways, and other landscaped areas.

To learn more about what you can do with a Master of Architecture degree, please visit us at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago online.

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