5 Steps to Survive Graduate School

Jul 12, 18 5 Steps to Survive Graduate School

A graduate degree can bring a lot to the table. You can earn a higher salary. You can get the training and education you need to establish yourself in the field you chose and build a career. You can meet like-minded people and build the kind of network and connections that can help you in the future.

Before you start taking classes, though, here are a few things to help you.


Find a program that fits you. West Virginia University Graduate Programs offer a range of options, many of which may hit the mark for you. Consider the career you want and why you’re getting that graduate degree to help you pick a course or program that’s going to advance your future goals.

Manage your time

Balancing work and school is going to be tough. Time management, though, will help you keep all those balls in the air. It will also help if you find schools that offer a flexible schedule for working students like you.

Research about financing

Unless you’re paying for your classes in cash, you’ll need to consider financing options, The Muse says. West Virginia University Graduate Programs offer financial aid and scholarship programs you can qualify for. Call and find out how you can qualify.

Hit two birds with one stone

One of the best things about taking up a course in your field is that you can often work on projects you already do in the course of your work. That will save you a lot of research time and work.

Take breaks

Don’t forget to take breaks. Health problems aren’t going to help you graduate from school sooner. Nor will it help you meet your deadlines at the office. Have fun. Take the time to relax or exercise. Stay healthy while you work on juggling school and work.

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