7 Must-Try Tips for Preschool Classroom Setup

Dec 06, 17 7 Must-Try Tips for Preschool Classroom Setup

Are you a teacher interested in learning new ways of creating the best educational environment possible? Interested in how the pros do it? Research in developmental and child psychology has yielded a wealth of evidence-based practices that can be incorporated into a Maplewood NJ preschool. Here are a few of the most popular tips for classroom design:

Cubbies! Children love cubbies because they offer a real sense of having personal space, however small. Using cubbies, kids can put their personal belongings aside and learn more about the boundaries between self and other, between possessions and the collectively owned items in the classroom.

Whiteboard or chalkboard. Every teacher needs a place where they can write down temporary ideas or tasks for the day. Either a whiteboard or a chalkboard will help you to offer visual aids to the students, where they can visually refer to keywords or images. Kids can also participate in classroom exercises by writing on the chalkboard or whiteboard, presenting their ideas in public perhaps for the first time.

Toys and props. Of course, a preschool has to be fun. As much as children are there to learn, playing is their method of learning. With the right array of tools, children can learn in their own ways. Alpine Montessori recognizes multiple intelligences and multiple ways of interacting with the learning environment. Therefore, you should find in the classroom everything from technological tools to crayons.

Books. Duh. Books are a critical component of a classroom. Of course, the books need to be age appropriate, but don’t be afraid to include some books made for a higher reading level. You never know which of your children is destined to become an avid reader!

Space for group learning. At Alpine Montessori, group and collaborative learning are key. Children thrive when they interact with their peers to solve problems and recognize different angles of viewing the world.

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