How to avoid fraudulent career training websites?

Jun 04, 10 How to avoid fraudulent career training websites?

Several people lost their jobs due to the recession in the past year. This is the reason why individuals are opting for online career training programs. In addition, fresh college graduates also register for such career training programs to get a job as soon as possible. However, several online career training firms are set up with the sole purpose of duping the customers and earning a quick buck. Therefore, job seekers should be wary of such scams. Here are some points which will help you in spotting online career training scams.

Layout of the Website

Checking out the layout of the website is one easy way to spot online career training scams. Observe if the website appears professional and is easy to browse through. Avoid becoming a member of an online career training firm if the website looks too cluttered and tacky. Reputed and legitimate online training schools will have decent and professional websites. Scam institutions try to cut costs with cheap websites.

Check for Advertisements

Check if the website is cluttered with online advertisements like pop-ups. Ideally, a legitimate career training firm will have less space dedicated to advertising. On an average, such websites will have at the most two advertisements. Moreover, such advertisements will be related to educational services. On the other hand, an illegal and fraudulent website will have numerous ads.  Thus, avoid selecting such a website that has too many distracting ads.

Job Placement

Pay heed to the job placement claims made by the online career training programs. Fraudulent websites will claim that their students get placements as soon as they complete their training. Most of such claims do not have any substantial proof to vouch for their credibility. Ensure that you cross-check these claims before arriving at a decision.

Check the Accreditation

Checking the accreditation of the school is a good way of spotting any scams. Ask the school about the accreditation and do a little bit of research before arriving at a decision. You can also enquire about the credibility of the website via Government agencies.

Career Training

Career Training

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