How a Graduate Degree in Journalism Could Help You Advance Your Career

Jul 29, 19 How a Graduate Degree in Journalism Could Help You Advance Your Career

Whether you have worked in journalism for a while or you are preparing for a career in this field, earning an advanced degree could be just the boost you need. In a master’s program, you gain more in-depth skills, management techniques, and independence to put to good use. Consider these three ways in which journalism graduate programs could help you attain your personal and professional goals.

Move Up to Management

Perhaps you would like to move into a management position where you work or at a competing enterprise. You may benefit from having a graduate degree in journalism. A master’s degree prepares you for managing other journalists. It may also prepare you for working in specific journalism environments, including television newsrooms and the editorial departments of fast-paced online publications.

Become an Editor

Perhaps you have done your duty writing articles for publication online or in print. Maybe you want to move into a different position, such as editorial services. Earning an advanced degree in journalism prepares you for this next step in your career. Editing is an important part of journalism. It includes fact-checking, verifying sources’ quotes, and ensuring that grammar and punctuation are correct.

Strike Out on Your Own

Perhaps you have had enough of doing menial tasks. Maybe you have honed your expertise in a way that has you poised to do well by going out on your own as a journalist. If you want to freelance as an investigative reporter, journalism graduate programs can be a key step in developing the expertise you’ll need to tackle the profession’s toughest tasks.

If you want to write a book or a regular column in a leading periodical, a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) in Writing can help you stand out in a very competitive field. If you want to specialize in writing about the arts, an MA program in New Arts Journalism can help you master the theory and practice of journalism while working with artists, art historians, cultural theorists, and art critics connected to a major American museum. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago offers both these programs. Call our admissions office or visit our website to find out more.

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