How to Find a Great Masters of Art Program, Pursue a Career in Education

Dec 24, 18 How to Find a Great Masters of Art Program, Pursue a Career in Education

There are many Masters of Art programs that are available at different institutions. If you are thinking about pursuing a career in art education, you can benefit from going for further studies in this area. It might take you a lot of research, communication, and work to find a program that suits you, but it is going to be worth it. To help you in the selection process, consider the tips below.

Get All the Details about the Program

Make sure you get all the facts about the different programs you are considering. What do you need to be admitted, and are there any specific pre-requisites you need to have? You should also look at what the course breakdown is for the program. What are the highlights and emphasis of each program? Are they opportunities for practical experience and exposure? Many programs also have a research component. If you know which area of art education you want to get into, this can help you eliminate some programs. There are lots of different areas of interest including teaching, cultural and community studies, and human rights.

Find Out More about the School

Besides looking at the specific details of the graduate program, you can also look more broadly at the school. What do they stand for, and what is the culture like? You can also look at the support structures and development programs for students.

Consider the Logistics

Lastly, don’t forget to think about the location of the school. You should also consider the arts environment and culture in neighboring areas. Does the school and art department have many existing relationships with the local community and art studios? This may help you when it is time to explore practical experience during your studies.

Studying a Masters of Art program can open new doors for you. Contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to find out about their graduate studies in art education. Visit them online at

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