Minnesota-Based EmpowerU Delivers Virtual Social Emotional Curriculum

Jun 07, 22 Minnesota-Based EmpowerU Delivers Virtual Social Emotional Curriculum

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Builds Healthy Mindset

Social-Emotional Learning, or “SEL” for short, is built for student success. A method is a student-centered approach geared towards developing a solid sense of self. The daily activities aim to create confident adults who can overcome any obstacle. Further, programs in this realm have proved to help students gain a beneficial outlook on life and find the utmost success in the classroom.

Individualized Activities Create a Guided Teacher-Student Partnership

Daily, virtual assignments are designed in advance to lead students to success in the Social-Emotional Learning curriculum. Classroom teachers choose from tasks and journaling prompts to motivate students to develop techniques that build resilience. Concepts included in the lesson might be mindfulness, self-awareness, or self-reflection. The reflective, self-evaluative approach has helped participants develop emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills that improve mental health.

The Social-Emotional Curriculum Leads to Lifelong Positive Results

This psychological brain training is optimal, bearing whatever stress appears in life. Each lesson is structured to give students the habits to endure any challenging or fulfilling moment. The pattern includes phases of calming engagement, content mastery, and review.

SEL Available for People of All Ages

Filling your mental toolbox with ways to triumph over life’s obstacles is valuable at any age. Luckily, SEL is open to children, teens, and adults alike. Teachers can even participate to become the calm captain of their class’s ship.

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