The Non-Profit Holocaust Remembrance Organization of Las Vegas, Nevada

Mar 05, 21 The Non-Profit Holocaust Remembrance Organization of Las Vegas, Nevada

Centuries of intolerance, racism, discrimination, and even genocide has brought about very dark times in our world’s history. These patterns of thought can lead to anger, hate, and violence as seen during World War II. To prevent events like the Holocaust from ever taking place again we need to remember the actions that led to it. This is exactly what Ben Lesser has done when he founded the Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation.

Zachor mean “remember” and that’s exactly what Ben Lesser has devoted his life to. By helping others remember the atrocities of the Holocaust and how genocide happens, he hopes to help prevent it from ever happening again.

Ben Lesser believes that as we remember, we also have the duty to educate others so that the lessons of the Holocaust will inspire future generations to take these action and extinguish the hatred that causes genocide. The Zachor Foundation takes pride in the Holocaust Memorial days and uses these lessons to create a resources that retrains society to love and tolerate one another. The opportunity to engage in life-like conversations with Ben Lesser through the StoryFiles AI technology, allows the you to experience the power of his words in a way that has a long-lasting impact.

The foundation offers resources filled with programs like Survivor’s testimonials, Expressive Circle, Holocaust timetable, Holocaust online educational curriculum, Holocaust Memorial Days, Holocaust Education Banner Exhibit, and so much more. Words are not enough to express the benefits of this non-profit foundation and to learn more about what they offer, visit

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