Things to Look for In a Pre School Potomac

Jul 06, 13 Things to Look for In a Pre School Potomac

It’s almost time for the big day. Your precious baby is growing up, and soon they will start preschool! Before the tears start, you should find a preschool that can offer everything your child needs to start their school years off successfully. While every Pre School Potomac has will be a little different, you can expect certain things from each school.

One of the most important reasons for a child to attend a Pre School Potomac is to have interaction with other children. By going to preschool, your child should learn how to act appropriately with other children. This goes beyond being nice and behaving. When there is a problem, how do you solve it? Crying, hitting, biting, and more are all common responses by young children, and they need to learn that this is not appropriate. They should learn, instead, to use their words and tell the other person why they are not happy. They should learn to express emotions and talk, and to have a teacher mediate when necessary.

The next thing a preschool should have is plenty of play time. This gives children a change to interact and play together, but it does more. Playing teaches the children to use their creativity, to learn how to do something new, and to learn basic skills that they will need through school. Through play, a preschooler will learn his colors, numbers, shapes, and more.

Beyond playtime, the preschool should offer structured learning time. This will not be sitting at a desk and doing worksheets. It can include coloring time, where they learn how to use a pencil and crayons as well as their colors. It can also include reading time, where they’re beginning to associate the words on a page with the story being told. It can also include lessons on animals, shapes, colors, basic reading skills, basic math skills, and more.

To find a Pre School Potomac that’s right for your child, speak with the teacher before signing up. They should have an education degree and experience working with children in a school setting. They should also have a lesson plan, which you may be able to view. Many schools such as Feynman School Potomac encourage the parents to be involved in their child’s education, and this includes finding out how your children will be learning and interacting with other children.




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