Three Important Lessons to Learn From the Stories of Holocaust Survivors

Sep 17, 21 Three Important Lessons to Learn From the Stories of Holocaust Survivors

Holocaust survivors overcame one of the most horrific episodes of persecution in recent history, and their resilience is unmatched by nearly anyone alive today. As the world gets more chaotic every year, there are many things you can learn from these remarkable individuals. Here are three important lessons to take away from Holocaust survivor testimonies.

Value Diversity and Tolerance

One of the biggest lessons to learn from the Holocaust is how to keep it from happening again in the future. Holocaust survivors and the stories of those who helped them along the way showcase the importance of valuing tolerance and caring for your neighbors even when they are different.

Advocate for Human Rights

Many Holocaust survivors went on to advocate for human rights as a result of their own persecution. However, you don’t have to experience adversity yourself to advocate for your fellow humans. Join the fight against persecution and discrimination wherever you see it.

Never Lose Hope

Something that all Holocaust survivor testimonies have in common is the sheer amount of hope and determination it took to survive such an atrocity. Learn from a survivor’s example by remembering to never give up. Always hold onto hope even when a situation seems impossible to overcome.

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