Why Educators Across the Country Use Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

Mar 24, 22 Why Educators Across the Country Use Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

There have been many discussions in recent years about social-emotional learning curriculum. The benefits are far-reaching, and educators across the country are integrating SEL programs into classroom learning.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills

Being able to solve problems is a crucial part of life. Through adulthood, every person will encounter challenges that require a solution at some point. It’s likely to be a common occurrence for most people. An evidence-based social-emotional learning curriculum teaches students to effectively manage their emotions and resolve problems that seem difficult to handle. These lessons can be used immediately and are relevant for a lifetime. A student who has a problem with another student on the playground might find it hard to deal with the situation, especially if they have never encountered an issue of this nature. A similar matter can arise as adults in the workplace. Having the skills to handle this scenario appropriately can better equip students for long-term success in school and life.

Increased Motivation

Social-emotional learning curriculum can also help increase motivation by boosting a student’s confidence. Far too often, kids do not feel accepted by their peers, which causes low self-esteem. Instilling a sense of self-worth into a child can give them the courage to do more in life than they might otherwise. Taking risks requires a belief that you can accomplish whatever is before you. Adults can also benefit from these skills, especially as life events erode one’s confidence. A person’s ability to weather life’s challenges and unpredictability is often anchored to their inner belief that they are capable of navigating through it. Self-confidence builds the resiliency that’s needed as life becomes more challenging.

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