Being a Medical Transcriptionist

The future is looking brighter for people who choose to work in the health industry. A lot of people spend years working to become a doctor or even a registered nurse but the truth is that while these are positions of reverence they often times are only the tip of the health care system. The more common workers of the medical world are the medical assistants. These people can range from interactive assistants who work directly with patients or they can be a behind the scenes types. A scribe for example does the important job of making sure your medical records are accurate and that the doctor’s wishes are taken from written form and placed into a digital format. Looking for Medical transcriptionist career training, It is easily found at a variety of learning institutions and if you are willing to do the work you can become one yourself.

Employment as Part of a Team or as a Freelancer

The world of transcription can be an adventurous one. You can either find a job with a local clinic or doctor’s office or if you want to be your own boss you can try to break in as a freelancer. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. For someone wanting to work as part of a team it has many of the same requirements that any job will have. Standard hours a set paycheck and you will be expected to perform in a high energy constantly fluctuating environment. As a freelancer you will need to go out and find your own clients who wish to hire you. Typically you will set your own hours and pay rate but it can be exceptionally difficult for someone without any experience. If you are lucky you may be able to land a client or two and make good money working out of a home office.

How Well Does it Pay?

A transcriptionist can earn a median salary of at $35,000 a year to start but the more experience you get and the faster you become your salary will increase. A good freelancer can clear $50,000 a year working out of their home on a full time basis. This might be something that would appeal to a person who cannot make the commute to a job or wants to be their own boss or is just looking to start their own home business. Whichever direction you choose the role of a scribe in the health industry is an important role and it constantly needs to be filled in many locations. If you are willing to listen to recordings or just do data entry then there is a good career to be had.

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