Further your Career with a Masters in Arts Administration

Jan 28, 20 Further your Career with a Masters in Arts Administration

Working in the arts does not mean you have to be an artist to further your career and become a respected member of this growing employment sector. When you have begun your career in arts administration, we believe you can become more involved in your work when you complete a master’s in this area. When you are studying for one of our master’s courses, we offer you the chance to learn as you study with opportunities for internships and a focus on the collaborative experience you will enjoy with artists and other administrators.

Learn in new Ways

We believe you should always be open to learning and expressing yourself in new ways as you move through life with various programs including the master’s in arts administration. You may feel as though you are ready for a new challenge or in need of some new ideas for your role in the arts with this impressive master’s program designed to empower you to think in an innovative and politically. The arts are now playing a more important role in the political life of the people of the U.S. with social justice now being explored more than ever through our master’s in arts administration.

A Collaborative Experience

One of the areas of arts administration that is often ignored is that of the collaborative experience you undertake with artists and your fellow administrators. One of the areas you may find most enlightening is that of the collaboration with your fellow students that will be extended into your working life. Contact the school of Arts Institute of Chicago to learn more about arts administration.

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