The Benefits of Earning Your Master of Architecture

Mar 11, 20 The Benefits of Earning Your Master of Architecture

If you are interested in earning a Master of Architecture, you are someone who is in love with design. Attending a school that will help fuel that passion is a wonderful way to invest your time. The decision to move into a master’s program is not one you should take lightly. It is time away from your career, and it will not be cheap. For lovers of architecture or those hoping to be masters of their craft, it can be a solid investment.

What To Expect From a Master of Architecture Degree

The Master of Architecture, also known as M.Arch., is a professional degree earned following the completion of the bachelor’s. Some schools offer the opportunity to complete the masters and bachelors as an integrated degree.

Graduate-level classes in the architecture program expand on the basics learned in the bachelor’s program as well as introducing new concepts. Classes will include design, structural engineering, building science, theory, professional practice, and architectural history. You will also have access to elective courses that allow you to focus on your particular interests. These may include subjects such as new technology in architecture and digital media. Just as with other traditional master’s programs, the degree requires a thesis before graduation.

If you are interested in furthering your education in the field of architecture, contact

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. For over 150 years they have been a leader in providing a world-class education for designers and scholars from around the world.

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