Implementing A Sales Mentor Program

Nov 09, 20 Implementing A Sales Mentor Program

There may seem to be a lot of professionals involved in all aspects of training, coaching, and mentoring professionals in all industries. In fact, each of these different professionals assists individuals, departments, and companies to achieve their goals, although they use different methods and techniques.

Internal Mentors

One of the most highly regarded options in assisting new salespeople in developing professionally is the implementation of a sales mentor program. These types of programs pair an experienced sales professional with someone new or someone who is experiencing challenges in their career.

When done correctly, a sales mentor program can be life-changing. The mentor can work collaboratively and effectively with the mentee, developing a sense of trust and respect that helps with personal and professional growth. Often these relationships last for a long period of time, but the contact between the two may ebb and flow.

Outside Mentors

Using an internal sales mentor program has limitations. It also creates the risk of placing people in mentoring relationships that are not effective. The top seller in a company may not be the best person to work with a new sales rep if he or she is not willing to put in the time, effort, and energy required of the mentor.

Using an external mentoring program for sales is a great option. It provides a wide selection of experienced sales mentors with proven experience and sales expertise. It is often more comfortable for the new sales rep as he or she has the ability to speak with someone outside of the workplace. It provides the opportunity to learn techniques, sales practices, and communication strategies that may not be offered by company training.

If you are struggling with motivation, stress, making your numbers or just can’t seem to catch a break, The Sales Coaching Institutes sales mentorship program will help.

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