Learn About the Holocaust in This Enjoyable and Moving Free Curriculum

Nov 16, 21 Learn About the Holocaust in This Enjoyable and Moving Free Curriculum

You hear a lot about the Holocaust. But do you know what that is? Do you know what happened in Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945? You may think the Holocaust was only about the massacre of European Jews. Would it surprise you to know that Romani people, the intellectually disabled, dissidents, and gay people were also marked for extinction by the Nazis? Learn about their history with these free Holocaust Online Courses.

The Curriculum

This complete curriculum brings you stimulating lesson plans, videos, and interactive historical timelines that provide enduring value to students of all ages. Lesson plans include:

Lesson 1 -- The Holocaust: It All Started with Hate

• Lesson 2 -- My Holocaust. My Experience (in two parts)

• Lesson 3 -- I Am a Survivor. My Responsibility

• And more

Click on the link below to register for these self-paced, free lesson plans.

Valuable Resources

The Holocaust as a subject matter is complex to teach and a delicate topic. There are, therefore, valuable resources to help the student with the context, such as:

TimelineSupporting MaterialsVideos

• And much more

The lessons go beyond a textbook approach. These lessons teach about the Holocaust through detailed accounts by Survivor Ben Lesser. You can interact directly with Ben, asking him questions on Ben’s AI Story file page.

Visit the link below often to get up-to-date content.

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Visit ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum online at https://zachorlearn.org/ for more information about the Holocaust Online Courses or call toll-free (800) 575-9583.

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