Where to Find The Best First-Hand Holocaust Information and Resources

Dec 10, 21 Where to Find The Best First-Hand Holocaust Information and Resources

For people and organizations looking to understand the effects of WWII and the Holocaust, acquiring learning from survivors and documented historical sources is vital. There are many great sources people can go to for experience-based knowledge on the Holocaust.

History Coming to Light

Addressing history can be quite challenging, especially when the event or events have caused so much death and destruction. Yet, to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself, knowledge of history, even the painful parts are essential. That is why the focus of all Holocaust resources is to help promote education on one of history’s most horrific crimes against humanity while shedding light on the human problems of hatred, religious intolerance, bigotry, genocide, and war.

The Importance of Holocaust Centers In Educating

One of the best places to get first-hand accounts and comprehensive information on the Holocaust is Holocaust Centers. These facilities are dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives in the Holocaust, survivors who, though scarred, have powerful messages of hope, and those who served during the war. Holocaust research centers are developed and designed to allow individuals, historians, organizations, schools, and academics to advance their research and education in the fields of the breadth and depth of the Holocaust.

If you are looking for powerful Holocaust resources, The Zachor Foundation, founded by Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser, has abundant first-hand accounts and historical information. The foundation is dedicated to ensuring an accurate remembrance of the Holocaust. You can learn more about the foundation at www.zachorfoundation.org.

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