New Ideas For Continuing Education For Veterinarians

Aug 11, 14 New Ideas For Continuing Education For Veterinarians

As a professional with a busy practice, it’s often very challenging to find the time to get away to attend conferences for continuing education for veterinarians. It’s also a real challenge when you know of a lecture coming up by a veterinary specialist that you want to learn from but you can’t afford the time to travel to the city of the presentation or training and have your clinic, hospital or practice closed for a few days. That ends up costing you not only your time, but costs related to hotel, travel, registration fees, and hiring a relief veterinarian!

The answer to these problems may be literally right in the palm of your hand. If you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you may be surprised to find that there are specialized websites by vets for vets to allow busy professionals to complete continuing education for veterinarians by listening to podcasts or joining webcasts to hear from veterinary experts in the field.

Quality Training in Continuing Education for Veterinarians

One of the advantages of having board-certified veterinary specialists offering online podcasts and webinars is that you can be assured of top quality veterinary continuing education. Since these veterinary podcasts are designed to be short and to the point, you can listen in for actual clinical tips and strategies that you can implement in your own practice immediately.

You can pick and choose which podcasts to listen to so you can choose the area of focus that you want to learn more about. These podcasts are designed to include the very latest in veterinary literature so you will be on the cutting edge of what updates are occurring in all areas of veterinary medicine. Likewise, 1 to 2 hour veterinary webinars are available to provide continuing education in areas of internal medicine, surgery, emergency, critical care, toxicology and more! With the GoToWebinar app, busy veterinarians can view these webinars from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

By Professionals for Professionals

These types of programs offering continuing education for veterinarians typically work on a subscription basis or membership system. This allows the website providers to bring in top veterinary specialists from around the United States and internationally to present short, concise podcasts and informative, RACE-approved veterinary webinars that you can play on demand.

Getting your veterinary continuing education by board-certified veterinary specialists who practice in the real world, you can get clinically relevant, practical CE. With the option to tune into these podcasts or webinars at your convenience, you will learn from the veterinary experts throughout the world without having to leave your practice or travel to attend in-person trainings.

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