The Importance of Traditional Tactics in Sales

Jul 17, 14 The Importance of Traditional Tactics in Sales

Most of us have become completely dependent on technology in the business world. We have many ways to communicate using computers, hand held devices and even via Skype. This works in most types of business providing us with a paper trail, providing timely communication modes and also allowing us to avoid the need for meetings. However there are also many areas where face to face communication is a must in order to maintain the human touch, forge relationships and offer a hands on experience. One of those areas is sales. Sales teams have to learn how to put aside their technology and use traditional tactics to help sell their products and services.

Achieving Goals
Many businesses rely on automated systems and programs to set goals and communicate with their sales team. However there is much to be said for a good old school sales meeting where managers and sales people sit down to discuss goals, take on assignments and exchange sales leads. With so many programs and customer service apps it is easy to stop meeting face to face with your sales team and avoid having to lie down the law and goals required for the week or month. However by sitting down at a table together your team will be able to get the breakdown of goals, see the achievements their fellow sales people are making and continue to feel motivated to meet their own goals. This is one of the ways sales teams can remain driven.

Selling itself cannot be done via email and texts. It is important for sales people to continue to rely on old fashioned meetings and present themselves in a manner that makes it more difficult for someone to say no. By doing nothing more than agreeing to email prospects a presentation or send them a link to a YouTube video explaining your product you are allowing them to back out from a potential sale. Sales people have always depended on finding prospects, arranging to make presentations and closing deals. These things must be done in person. Although there are many ways to improve sales lead generation using technology the follow up and sales pitch itself must be done in person in order to seal the deal.

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