Classic Traits of the Successful and Not So Successful Sales Person

Jul 11, 14 Classic Traits of the Successful and Not So Successful Sales Person

Chicago Sales Training Speakers can walk you through the traits shared by the successful sales person but sometimes it is even more helpful to be able to look at the traits of the successful and not so successful salesperson. Many sales people fall somewhere between the two. This list will help you focus on your better points so you can discard bad habits and attitudes you might have picked up along the way.

Traits of the Successful Sales Person
The main trait of the successful sales person is that they are always focused on success. They remain steadfast in their goals whether they succeed or not. Nothing will steer them away from their path and they are so used to picking themselves up, wiping themselves off and starting again. However because they are so focused they don’t fall as often and therefore they can take their failures in stride. In fact they use each failure as a learning opportunity and take note of what caused them to fail and use it to strengthen their sales approach. The focus and motivation of a successful salesperson never waivers and they believe not only that they can sell anything, more importantly they believe in the product they have to sell today. The successful salesperson continues to have passion for the business which keeps them motivated. A successful sales person has the following traits:

* Self Confidence
* Optimism
* Positive attitude
* Enthusiasm for what they sell
* Motivation
* Persistence
* Goal oriented
* Passion
* Accountability
* Customer focused

Traits of the Unsuccessful Sales Person
The unsuccessful sales person spends his time worrying instead of focusing on success. They often have a desperate feeling that is quite palpable by those around them. Instead of heaving a sales pitch they seem to have a sales plea that turns customers off. They have long lost their passion and in many cases they never had passion at all. They lack focus and have never really taken the time to learn about their own products and services. The not so successful sales person never learns by their mistakes and they expect to fail. The not so successful sales person has the following traits:

* Insecurity
* Pessimism
* Lack of passion or inspiration
* Apathy
* Lack of accountability
* Lack of focus

Chicago Sales training speakers recognize these traits. You can use them to help you stay on the right side of the successful sales person meter.

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