Teaching U.S. Students The Holocaust Using First-Hand Accounts

Jul 01, 21 Teaching U.S. Students The Holocaust Using First-Hand Accounts

Teaching teens and young adults about the history of America is vital to instill a sense of greater understanding of the country and world events. Many schools start this curriculum in middle school years and advance this throughout their high school curriculum.

American History in the 1940s

Of all the historical time periods in modern history for students to learn about, the history of the 1940s plays a critical role. There were vast changes to the economy, women in the workplace, clothing and social norms, and American and global politics. At the heart of many of these changes were the events of the Holocaust and America’s engagement in World War II.

Teaching Students About the Holocaust and World War II

For teachers looking to create a curriculum on the Holocaust and America’s engagement in World War II, there are many great resources. While general information on the war is easy to access, getting information on the Holocaust is often best obtained by in-person accounts.

Because of the enormity and scale of the humanitarian tragedy in the Holocaust, students need to become immersed in the events in a more personal way. Unlike other times in American and global history, the events of the Holocaust are vivid, personal and catastrophic on an epic scale unknown before or after. That is why creating a powerful Holocaust curriculum for teachers should always include first-hand accounts by victims of the Holocaust. This approach enriches the student’s perspectives and creates a lifelong imprint that can affect their approach to life with more humanity and humility.

If you are looking for the best Holocaust Curriculum For Teachers, ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum uses the first-hand experiences of Holocaust Survivor Ben Lesser to draw the student into the experiences of the victims of the World War II genocide of the European Jews. They offer free resources and interactive teaching tools for teachers and students. You can learn more about them at www.zachorlearn.org.

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