Career advice- Stop blaming others and build your career

Nov 09, 11 Career advice- Stop blaming others and build your career

People generally have the tendency to blame someone or the other when things go wrong. If something goes wrong in your career, you will probably blame your present or former boss. Sometimes colleagues, family members and others also come in the list. Stop the blame game. Take some time and analyze. Maybe you are the one who is responsible for all this.

The job market is of course tough and highly competitive. It may be that you made a wrong decision. But as they say “Failure is the stepping stone to success”. So gear up, nothing’s lost. You can start your career development afresh.

Here are some of the steps that you can follow to stop being mad at the world and blaming others. Utilize your energies into positive direction for career development:

ü  Realize what blaming is costing you. It may feel good initially but in the long run, it makes you stay stuck and stagnant in the same situation. When something has gone wrong in your career, you need to take decisions on how to revamp your career development plans and move on.

ü  Recognize that unless you take the responsibility for what happened, there can be no moving forward. Read books on personality development to acquire a positive attitude.

ü  Accepting the responsibility for your career, will help you stay focused. You will feel more motivated and empowered than ever before. You will regain your sense of purpose and direction.

Re- planning to achieve your career goals.

Once you become responsible then you can be accountable for your own career goals. You will be in a situation to plan your career goals. You can reopen your calendar and put items into it once again. The best way is to realize your goals and break them into small pieces that seem achievable. This will enable you to look towards the future and the future will appear promising.

Search within yourself. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Work upon your weaknesses to get rid of them. Add the competitive edge to your personality. Find out what you lack and add that to your traits. Attend personality development training courses to develop your outlook and attitude.

Learn from your mistakes. Plan your career once again, this time make the right moves with the right approach. Avoid all that went wrong previously and you are bound to succeed.

Try the above suggestions and one day you will be laughing at your blaming old self.

Build Your Career

Build Your Career

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