Finding employment with the help of a recruitment agency

Nov 09, 11 Finding employment with the help of a recruitment agency

Finding employment is one thing and landing up with a suitable job is another. Every day, thousands of highly qualified, as well as not so qualified men and women, scour the jobs sections of newspapers and other avenues like the Internet. Some search for better, more suitable employment, while many are desperate for any job they can get. This process of finding jobs can take up quite a lot of valuable time and resources, without yielding much in return. This is where recruitment agencies prove to be useful. Recruitment agencies are in the business of finding jobs for job seekers who sign up with them, as well as finding suitable employees for companies that have hired their services. The success of a recruitment agency lies in its ability to fill up positions with suitable candidates.

Recruitment agencies maintain databases of jobs and candidates. Typically the representative of a recruitment agency would take an interview of the candidate who signs up with them. They would gather information about the skills, qualification and requirements of the candidate and enter it into their database, along with the information present in their resume. They would then match the profile of the candidate with the requirements of various jobs listed in their database. The candidates whose profile fit the requirements of any job are called up for interviews. Many times the recruitment agency screens an applicant before it sends him/her to the company that may require their services. This screening process is undertaken to ensure that they only send suitable and interested candidates to the companies. This is because the companies would also spend time in setting up the interview/examination process for the candidate, and if the candidate turns out to be unsuitable then all efforts of the company goes in vain. This would reflect badly on the recruitment agency that sent the candidate in the first place. So the reputation and good will of a recruitment agency depends upon the quality and suitability of the job seekers it sends out to it clients.

Recruitment agencies have made the process of finding employment easier. Some recruitment charge a nominal fee from the job seekers for the services they provide. This fee is usually a percentage of the salary that the applicant gets from a job that the recruitment agency has helped him/her to get. Many recruitment agencies do not charge job seekers. They earn their revenues from the companies that hire their candidates. So if you are seeking employment, don’t hesitate to check out the reputed recruitment agencies around you.

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

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