Recruitment Agency – Basics of Recruitment Agency

Nov 09, 11 Recruitment Agency – Basics of Recruitment Agency

It is crucial to understand a few basic details about recruitment agencies, if you are planning to find one that is right for you. Nowadays, various companies are increasingly taking the help of recruitment agencies for their manpower requirements. Recruitment agencies have contacts in several firms, and can help candidates find jobs desired and reputed companies.

Recruitment Agencies – Types

There are basically two major types of recruitment agencies – generalists and specialists. Specialized recruitment agencies look for employees searching for jobs in a particular field such as accounting. General recruitment agencies deal with all types of skills and also offer jobs by geographical regions. Before selecting a recruitment agency, try to understand the type of employment you want.

Go into the Details

Finding suitable employees for companies and desirable jobs for employment seekers is the single most important goal of a recruitment agency. To zero in on recruitment agencies that meet your wants and requirements, you must shop around a little. Try to collect detailed information regarding the various competent recruitment agencies, focus on knowing their market reputation, performance records etc, before you sign up with one.

Be explicit about Your Requirements

Before selecting a recruitment agency, clearly state what you are looking for – your expectations regarding the job, position, salary etc. Give them a detailed description of the job profile you are looking for, it will make the task simpler for both of you, and will save your time as well.

Build a Good Relationship

You must develop a strong relationship and good understanding with the recruitment agency chosen by you. Developing a good relationship with them will ensure that they will remember you when they come across an interesting opportunity. They will also give you more preference than others and work harder to help you get the desired job.

Create Good Impression

While visiting a recruitment agency, dress yourself smartly as you would do for job interviews. This helps to create a good impression about you, and helps them believe in your sincerity. They might ask you to take some tests, so that they would understand your aptitude better. They may also provide with training that will help ensure that you get a good job.

Keep Regular Contact

You must be in regular touch with the representatives of your recruitment agency. This will persuade them to give you more preference than others and look for appropriate jobs for you. In case you do not hear about any new openings from your recruitment agency for more than a week, you should call them up yourself.

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

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