How To Become a Licensed Plumber

Aug 28, 18 How To Become a Licensed Plumber

If you are planning on becoming a plumber in VA/MD Alexandria, then you need to start looking into gaining your plumbing license. Virginia requires all independent plumbers to be licensed, for the wellbeing of private citizens and the general public. Here is a short and simple guide to becoming licensed.

Contractors License: In the state of Virginia, independent plumbers are required by law also to have a contractors license. It is essential to get this certification around the same time as your other one. Additionally, you need to look into what contracting permit you need out of the three offered by the state.

Classes: To gain your license, there is a required pre-licensing class that must be completed before taking the test. These classes are provided by a number of services and trade academies in the area. Many of these services also offer additional courses to prepare for the exam.

Exam: The actual exam that is required is made up of three parts. There is also a fee to take the test. If you pass two sections and fail one, you can pay a fee to retake that one section. Some academies also give you the opportunity to continue taking classes as you wait to take the exam again.

Applying: Once you pass the exam and complete the courses, you then can apply for the license itself. There are resources online that will tell you how this is done, and what forms are required to apply officially. It is also important to note that licenses have to be renewed.

Once you decide to become a plumber, gaining your plumbing license for VA/MD Alexandria is the next step to becoming a true, independent worker. The process detailed above may seem arduous, but the results are well worth it in the end.

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