Make Up Courses for Foundation Application

If you would like a smooth base for your makeup, it would be advisable to apply foundation before you get to the makeup. However, not many people know how to do this appropriately and thus end up with splotchy makeup, which is not attractive. If you have trouble applying foundation, you would be best advised to seek out for some Make Up Courses on the best mode of application. When applied in the correct manner, foundation can go a long way in creating the illusion that you have flawless skin. However, foundation should never be visible. It has to be blended perfectly so that it complements your overall look. Here are some Make Up Courses Tips to putting on your foundation correctly.

Always start with a face that is cleaned and has been moisturized. If you will be spending the day outdoors in the sun, you could apply some screen to your face first, before you begin applying the foundation.

Start by dotting the liquid foundation on your forehead, your nose, your chin as well as both cheeks. Do this with clean fingers so as not to transfer any dirt or germs from your fingers to your face.

The next step is blending the foundation. At this point, you could choose to use either your fingers or a sponge. One thing to note with make up courses tips is that sponges tend to absorb most of the liquid foundation, thus you could end up using more makeup foundation sucked up in the sponge rather than on your face. When blending the foundation, do so with outward strokes. Ensure that the foundation reaches all the edges of your face so that it can come off looking uniform. Pay special attention to your jawline and your neck. Most people tend to forget these areas and end up with a face that does not match the complexion of their jaw and neck.

The last of the make up courses suggestions would be to lightly dust some powder on your face once you are done with the application of the foundation. Do not use a lot of powder. A little will do to keep the foundation looking fresh.


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