Reasons to Consider Online Medical Transcription Training

Have you ever considered a career in the medical field, but were not quite sure of what route to take? When becoming a nurse or doctor is not quite your aim, or if you enjoy clerical type work, but want to feel like you are impacting others in a positive manner, considering a career in medical transcription may be helpful. You don’t need a lengthy degree, and can even find online medical transcription training that is accredited that will prepare you for certification exams.

Benefits of Online Training

Taking courses online for medical transcription have many benefits that most online training do. You can save a lot of money on tuition and other expenses by working from home. It is also possible to complete the courses at your own pace, and fit them into your existing work schedule as needed. Many online institutions also offer more flexible payment schedules and options, which tend to be more budget friendly than traditional colleges. There also some people who will qualify for the Federal Student Aid program, so you can even get help paying for your training if you can’t afford it to begin with.

Why Medical Transcription

With medical transcription, it is your job to translate verbal doctor’s notes into physical and/or electronic files. Beyond this, the job plays and important role in the medical field because:

  • Medical transcriptionists are also responsible for reviewing documents for errors that could have serious consequences on a patient’s health.
  • They also are responsible for performing audits that help improve the quality of records being kept.
  • It is a position that acts as a bridge between the doctor’s notes and the patient’s file, which can help prevent costly miscommunication.

Additional Duties and Pay

Medical transcriptionists either work from a home office, or in a traditional medical setting such as hospital or private practice. The basic duties are always the same; translate, correct, and document notes from doctors. However, in private practices, and sometimes also hospitals, they may also have other duties, such as answering phones, setting appointments, and greeting patients, much like a medical secretary. The median yearly pay rate for medical transcription jobs, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, is between $29,650 and $35,540, depending on which of three major fields they worked in. Administrative and support service positions, was the lowest, while hospitals had the highest, and physicians’ offices fell just below that with a median yearly wage of $34,180.

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