The Power of Prophecy, and You

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Career

Prophecy.  It is something that you may have heard of in the Bible or you may have even seen on television or online. Do you believe in prophecy? If you don’t, you should. Why? Because prophecy is just as real today as it was in the Bible and if you aren’t embracing the power of prophecy, you could be missing out on a chance to hear the plan of God, for you. How you look at these prophecies can greatly have an impact on your life. Here is how the power of prophecy can work for you:

Choosing Your Prophet

One of the first things that you will need to do when it comes to getting a prophecy is to find a prophet. Though there are many people out there who claim to be a prophet, only those that are true, master prophets of God, should ever be utilized. In biblical times, you may have had to walk many miles, or even days, in order to reach a prophet of this standing, but today, it is as easy as browsing the internet. Master prophets are not only out there, they are fully accessible to you with only a click of the mouse. Many of them will also give free prophecies, so you can get your prophecy today with little effort.

What to Do With Your Prophecy

Once you have received your prophecy, you may not know what to do at this point. This is where the real power will happen, because you will literally find the power in you. You may be confused, you may be unsure of what to make of the prophecy and you may find that you need even more help than you needed before. By reaching out to God, by consulting with and listening to the teachings of the prophet and by looking inside of yourself, you will find that this prophecy can literally change your life for the better…and there is nothing more powerful than following the plan that God has for you.

Start this process today by reaching out and contacting a master prophet. Prophetic words may come through a prophet, but these words come to them directly from God. Here what God has to say to you, today, and get a free prophetic message. Visit us online for more details Website

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