Tips to Create an Effective Sales Training Program

Dec 15, 14 Tips to Create an Effective Sales Training Program

11134004_mThe backbone of your entire sales force is your Sales Team Training Program. If you do not have an effective program, then your sales team is going to be confused, unprepared and most importantly unsuccessful. When you hire someone new and they go through the interviews and get hired, the first few weeks of their actual job will be to learn the critical points of the entire training process. This can eliminate the excitement and drive that the person had when they were first hired.

In order to ensure that that motivation and enthusiasm is maintained, each business needs to have a pre-established arrangement for each person that is hired. Some helpful tips to create a sales training program at your business are highlighted here.

Send the Paperwork Ahead of Time

Rather than having your new sales representative sit for an entire day filling out paperwork, consider sending it to them before they start. This will allow them to do it at home and they will have their spouse available to help make important decision regarding insurance and other benefits. This also means that on their actual first day of work, they can do what they were hired for.

Get them to Prove their Value from Day One

When you hire new representatives, they are bringing their background and network along with them. You should consider starting a type of contest for any new hire that knows someone that could benefit your business. Encourage them to go outside of the job description and seize the opportunities that they have to increase the revenues for your business.

Reduce the Work Load

Your sales manager should not be the only one that provides the sales training for new hires, and not all of this training needs to take place in a classroom. This will take some of the enthusiasm from your new hire. Be sure that training is an entire business effort, where each department shares in the process.

Offer Rep to Rep Training

You can also allow your more experienced sales representatives to share in the training process. They will help your new hire in unfamiliar process, help them through their first few calls and introduce them to the important personnel.

When you take the time to create a sales training program for new hires, chances are the process will be much more successful than just “putting them to work.”

Do you need to develop a Sales Team Training Program for your business? If so, visit The Sales Coaching Institute for assistance. Their customized sales training programs are designed to create lasting “performance improvement”.

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